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What’s up people. As we all know it’s Summer vacation and there is the question of  will I keep posting. The answer is yes. I will continue posting my little soul out. Right now I do admit my blog is not popular at all. Hardly any people are leaving comments so I hope if I keep posting and adding widgets people will come. For those people who do come and leave comments on my blog I thank you because I do understand my posts are kind of boring . I need help to think outside the box. Please leave a comment of what I could do to make my blog and my posts better. Thanks!

Challenge 10 (Activity 1)

Hi! It’s me Ollie222! For each challenge our teacher posted it on her blog and I did the challenges on my blog. The challenge that was most useful was challenge 1. It helped me get used to the challenges. The challenge that was most interesting was challenge 7. It was pretty cool. The topics I want in later challenges are personal challenges like what is your favorite game. I think the tutorials on the challenges are perfectly fine. The visit these posts were useful because it told the people what blogs are interesting or have a lot of information. Most of the challenges were very interesting including the Earth day comic. I did have some chances to visit over sea blogs and made global connection.

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Forms of Fiction Skit (Original)

B= Bear          A= Animals          S= Spider       H= Hawk

B: Oh! The moon fell from the sky!

A: Let’s cut it open and share it!

B: NO! For what will we have to enjoy at night?!

A: Than what will we do to it?

B: We must put it back in the sky!


A: How will we do that?

B: Spider shall spin a net to carry the moon!

S: Oh Rats!


S: Wow! all this time went very fast!

B: That’s because I told stories!

A: Now what?

B: Now Hawk must fly the moon to the sky!

H: Oh rats!


H: It’s in the sky!

B: See two heads are better than one!

Everyone: YAY!!!

One Word

I’m not entirely sure when this happened. It was either 2nd or 3rd grade. Whenever, it was when I did something I would regret for an entire grade time. It was a normal sunny day. I had always been a good student and the day so far had been normal. Then a ton of (classroom) of little kids barging in the class with books in their arms. I knew exactly what was going on. It was time for reading buddies.

Reading buddies is when our class reads to younger kids. We each had  2 reading buddies. One of my reading buddies was always interested in reading. He would always follow along with the story and know what was going on. My other buddy was the complete opposite. He would look around the room or play with lint in his pocket. I had always tried to make him follow along but it never worked. I knew he was smart  but he would never show it. Anyway reading buddies proceeded for about 45 minutes when the loud bell went rang. It was time to go to lunch.

Lunch started around 11:45 A.M. and ended around 12:35 P.M. I sat in the front table in the corner. I didn’t have as many friends as I do today. after I ate I would just saunter around the noisy, crowded blacktop. Then my reading buddy that didn’t pay attention came to me and we just talked. We talked about different things such as TV shows, video games but not about books. It was surprising how much time went by. We kept on walking around until I tripped on a rock and that’s when the event happened.

While I fell I said one word. It was a curse word. It started with an “S” and it rhymes with the word fit. Anyway I somehow kept my balance and didn’t fall. I wasn’t worried at first because I thought no one heard. But then one word went through my mind, buddy. I quickly turned around to see my buddy wide eyed and mouth dropped. He was staring at me like I was a vampire or something his eyes were so wide they seemed like they were going to pop out! That was when I got scared and felt an ice cold chill creep down my spine. That’s when my buddy said something that I wish I hadn’t heard.

He said “I’m going to tell.” I felt my stomach go in knots and my throat go dry like when you dry swallow a big pill. That’s when the bell rang. Back in class I found it very hard to concentrate. I kept telling myself “It’s okay. He’s joking, It’s okay.”

The reason I as so worried was because I was a teacher’s pet. I wasn’t concerned about my social life. All I cared about were my grades and nothing else. One mistake could turn me around.

A few weeks later he came up to me and he said the same thing as last time. The difference was that more people were starting to use that language so I wasn’t worried. I soon got over it but I still remembered it

I learned to think about what i was going t say before I say it. He also never told.

How To Break a Water Witch Spell

It was a peaceful and hot afternoon in the city of Fontana which is no surprise since it was so dry. Outside there were bees, beetles, birds and butterflies but Bob and Katrina were in their house trying to keep cool without getting wet because in thirty minutes they would start a very long drive to San Diego. The reason they were going was because their parents are oceanographers and they needed to take pictures of underwater landscapes and they could not find a baby sitter so they had to go with them. Personally Katrina did not care about going underwater but Bob on the on the other hand was fascinated by the life under water and couldn’t wait to go. “Hey do you think we’ll see a sea serpent and it will eat us?” Bob asked Katrina. “No.” Katrina said in a quiet tone and before they knew it they were on their way to San Diego. It was a hot trip to San Diego but they had a van so they weren’t cramped. When they reached the center it was large and blue and filled with people and twenty minutes later they were underwater watching the jellyfish There was so much wildlife that even Katrina found herself interested until they crashed into a big multi-colored rock with tons of barnacles. Suddenly a horrible looking woman appeared in the submarine and said “Thy who dares trespass in my territory shall teleport to a random place and this spell shall only be broken if thy teleport home. YAA!” While the lady was talking only Bob paid attention because Katrina was busy checking on her unconsious parents when suddenly everything went black. When Bob and Katrina woke up they were not underwater anymore. Suddenly a camel came up to them and asked them “Do you need help?” Bob and Katrina were in shock when they noticed that they were in the desert. All they saw was the camel, a cactus, a tarantula, a scorpion and sand. The camel spoke again and said, “My name is Mr. Camel and I think you do need help and if you’re wondering why I am helping you is because you’re new. By the way come with me if you’re hot and thirsty.” Bob and Katrina followed. It had been ten minutes of walking behind the camel but it was all worth it when they reached the top of a sand dune and saw . . . WATER! With no hesitation Bob and Katrina ran and jumped into the water and played there and of course the drank the water. Once they got tired they sat under a shady tree and they fell asleep.

When they woke up they were in a lush forest filled with so much life. All of a sudden bushes started moving and a small raccoon came out. Katrina asked him “What’s your name?” In a quiet voice in a quiet loving voice the raccoon said “Raccoon Baby.” ‘How cute! Where are your parents?” Katrina responded. Raccoon Baby lifted a finger and pointed up at a large tree, mossy tree. Bob Knew what was coming next and he was right because Bob was an expert rock climber and Katrina was horrible at rock climbing so Katrina said ” Bob if you do this for me I will do all your chores for a year.” By the time she finished her sentence Bob had already started climbing with Raccoon Baby in one arm. When he reached the top he saw Raccoon Baby’s parents and they were so grateful that they offered them a feast of fruit and nuts and they accepted it. Bob brought the food down and while they were eating they wondered about their parents and if they were alive or not but around three minutes later they passed out.

This time when they woke up they were in scuba diving outfits and they were under water in the rock they crashed into . Inside there were skulls of humans, fish and some strange creatures that they had never seen. They kept swimming until they reached the center. In there was the evil woman who casted the spell on them and she said ” You have returned have you not?” Bob and Katrina stared at her when suddenly she pulled out what seemed to be a giant key and it shot lasers at them but they dodged and continue dodging she shot even more laser beams when they noticed that she had a laptop with a list of places when then they realized that she had been controlling where they had been going ! Suddenly she shot a laser at them and when all hope seemed to fade away Katrina turned around and the laser bounced off her oxygen tank and it the “witch” and she exploded. quikly they put there address  in the laptop and they teleported home. When they got home they couldn’t believe what they saw, their parents!

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Holocaust Research Report


The Holocaust was an event that was a tragedy. People dying of hunger and injuries. Indeed the Holocaust was a horrible time for people. This tragic event occured in Germany and at first it was small but then it became so big and overwhelming that the whole world got involved. Some people helped the Jews with their injuries and family emptiness while others didn’t want to come anywhere near them. Almost six million Jews died. The Holocaust was an event that Hitler and the Nazis started and it involved the Nazis killing millions of people and ended with incomplete families.


How it Got Started

How was the Holocaust started you may ask. The Holocaust was caused by a man named Adolf Hitler. (Jacob Linda) Hitler hated Jews and he gave speeches of why they were bad. Many people agreed with Hitler. Soon the people who agreed formed a group called the Nazis. The Nazis were ruled by Hitler and they even had a religion called Nazism. They even had their own symbol that represented hate. One time Hitler got arrested on November 8 1923. (Seymour Rossel) while in jail Hitler wrote the Nazi bible. The time the Nazis got their power was on the year of 1933. The Holocaust was actually started on the year 1938. (Downing David)


The Time of Reckoning

Once the Holocaust began all of hell broke loose. Millions of people were not only injured but killed.  Many types of people were killed for different reasons. Such as gypsies and homo-sexuals. (Seymour Rossel) The Nazis would kill Jews no matter where they came from or where they were. Also the Holocaust took place during World War 2 and Germany was involved. In Germany there were many Jews. To make matters worst some Europeans decided to join the Holocaust by also killing Jews. By 1945 the Nazis almost killed 2 out of 3 European Jews.(“Holocaust Encyclopedia”)


The Aftermath of Sadness

The Holocaust actually ended on 1945. (“Holocaust Encyclopedia”) After this tragic event Hitler committed suicide. There was a huge trial based on the killing of the Jews. This trial was called the Nuremburg Trial. The way the trial ended was with 3 men set free, 19 men found guilty and 12 men were sentenced to hanging. (Rossel Seymour) Just because Hitler died didn’t mean Nazism died. The Nazis continued to teach Hitler’s beleifs and way of life. There was a group called The Joint Distribution. They provided food, clothing and shelter to the survivors of the Holocaust. Also 700,000 jews emigrated to Isreal. Sadly not all Holocaust survivors had complete families.



I think that the Holocaust should be taken more seriously than it is. Around 6,000,000 people wiped from the Earth. to me that is overwhelming. I feel very sorry for the people who lost their lives because of the Holocaust. They didn’t deserve. I learned a lot about the Holocaust. I learned who Hitler and the Nazis were and I learned that the Holocaust was a persecution. What really surprised me abut the Holocaust was how it would take one man (Hitler) to start a horid and tragic event. what I still would like to now abuot the Holocaust is if the Nazis today are still aggresive and kill Jews.


Everyday Heroes We Know Project (My Uncle David)

My uncle David was born on December 5 1968 and he is the third oldest in the family. He was also born in Tepatitlan, Jalisco. When he was four years old his parents brought him to America where everything was different. To my uncle David America seemed hard. The house was also really small. So small that he slept in a closet! The school he went to was okay and it was close by. At home he played games, did chores, saw movies, helped mom and he took care of his family. The only problem in school was that he was constantly forgetting his homework. Besides that life went pretty smoothly.

My uncle David’s major problem in life was starting a family. Most people already want to start a family and they think that they can support them. It was on the year 1992 when my uncle David got married to a woman  named Elsa. That was a happy day. If it wasn’t for this major problem his life would have gone smoothly. The problem wasn’t that he got married. It was that he got married to early. He was only 2 years old and still in college when he got married. How would he still go to college and still support his new family at the same time?

The steps he took to accomplishing this trouble were hard to come up with and they weren’t exactly what I would I call perfect decisions. After my uncle David was married he stayed in school. That was until he got a son. Now he had to support 3 people instead of 2 people. At the moment there was only one option available. It was to drop out of school. Many people must think, “Why would he do that?” or “What was he thinking!?” The craziest thing was that he was one year away from getting his bachelor’s degree! He was so close but that doesn’t mean his future was thrown away.

Now my uncle David owns his own business. He is the owner of it. He works as a smog checker and his job also helps the environment. he is still married to Elsa . He also has three children. One of his child’s name is David and he is 20 yeas old. Another one of his child’s name is Nicole and she is 17 years old and his youngest child has the name of Miguel and he is 7 years old. He also lives in a big 2 story house in Manteca. His life is as perfect as can be. He has a person’s dreams such as a job, money, a family and a good past.

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My New Fun and Awesome Blog

Hello everyone! This is my very first blog I have ever made in edublogs. My name is Alejandro but I have many nicknames like Ollie. I am 11 years old and my favorite colors are green and yellow. When I grow up I want to be a detective. The reason I want to be a detective is because I have always been interested in science and I want to work with DNA. The way I also see myself when I am older is probably living by myself in a small house. When I get older I also want to solve many cases and bring criminals to justice. The first way I want to pursue this is by is by going to school of course. In university I hope to go up to my doctorate degree. From there I would like to start a career in criminal justice. I hope you can leave a comment that tells me what you hope to expect in my blog. I hope you enjoy further things I do to my blog.